Enhance learning with Accessibility Features on Mac

What are the Accessibility Features?

Powerful assistive features can be found in the general settings of any Mac to completely change how an individual interacts with the device. With practical and flexible features, pupils can complement their vision, hearing, motor skills, learning and literacy. They can create, learn, work and play more easily than ever.




Each child has different educational needs. But how to cater to all of the needs in your class? The Mac is a powerful machine and is still supremely accessible. This Teachers Guide will be taking you through some of the most impactful Accessibility features as well as giving you a general overview of how they all work. 

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Zoom enables you to focus in on certain parts of the screen by hovering your cursor over the area of your choice and selecting specific keyboard commands.



This feature means that smaller text can be read aloud but it also means that learners can hear any given word to help them comprehend it.  

Audio & Sound Preference

For learners with hearing impairments, within the 'Audio' subsection, you can engage a function whereby the screen flashes at you when an alert occurs rather than relying on sound. 



Learners with poor fine motor skills can use dictation commands to do everything that the keyboard can do such as scroll up and down, navigate from paragraph to paragraph or delete blocks of text.  

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