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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you work at a school that has invested in Apple technology, you might have heard the term 'Apple Professional Learning'. Maybe you've heard the shortened acronym (APL) being bounded about? In a profession littered with acronyms, you could be forgiven for not knowing what APL stands for, let alone knowing what Apple Professional Learning actually is. Even if you have an idea of what APL is all about, there are nuances and details that are worth understanding before you look to embed Apple products into your school. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, starting with the most important one...

JTRS, in partnership with Apple, are dedicated to making sure that every educator gets the most out of their technology. Apple Professional Learning covers a range of on-site training and support programmes, including

• Foundation sessions, helping educators build the skills and confidence to use Apple technology in the classroom

• Integration sessions, embedding Apple technology in the learning process and focusing on curriculum and key stage specific support

• Innovation sessions, utilising programmes and curricula including Everyone Can Create, Everyone Can Code to support educators to do new things in new ways.

Apple Professional Learning can also support education leaders through bespoke visioning and planning support workshops, review sessions, individualised leadership coaching and research projects.

This focussed professional learning is a great way for leaders, teachers and students to gain a huge amount of insight and build their Apple skills.  

Apple support schools by offering a subsidy for Apple Professional Learning through Apple Authorised Education Specialists. In consultation with schools, we can come up with a tailor-made plan to suit your needs. 

We know many schools already have tightly planned training schedules focusing on a range of important areas. INSET days are a precious commodity. That is why at JTRS, we look to deliver APL during ‘normal school days’. The training can be embedded into your timetable by scheduling in ‘Classroom Modelling’  ‘ 1:1 Sessions’ and ‘Teacher Workshops’ after school (more details on training formats on our  training page ). These training scenarios mean that the school do not have to pay for cover or dedicate an INSET day entirely to Apple Professional Learning. That being said, many schools do still opt to place their APL in an INSET day and enjoy a full day of teacher lead hands on CPD. Essentially, it’s up to you.    

APL is delivered by Apple Professional Learning Specialists. All APL Specialists have years of classroom teaching experience as well as deep knowledge of Apple technology. They are experts in coaching, mentoring and high-quality facilitation, and work ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with schools to design tailor-made sessions to meet the needs and local context of the school. Because of their teaching backgrounds, they understand the demands teachers face and ensure that their support is linked to the curriculum and the local needs of the school. They can build training that is entirely focused on individuals or deliver a more strategic training plan that helps school leaders to shape their digital strategy.    Most importantly, however, because they are teaching professionals, they can work with the children. This means that the learners gain a huge amount of insight so that the teachers can share the training experience and everyone is the classroom can learn from each other.  

At JTRS, we pride ourselves on delivering Apple Professional Learning that is bespoke to each school. Every school will have a different set of wants and needs regarding their professional learning needs. We look to build the training with the staff through surveys and conversations so that we are able to deliver APL that is entirely relevant and effective. No matter the key stage, curriculum area, skill sets etc, we will create a training plan that  tackles your particular needs. This ultimately results in the school getting most out of their Apple products.  

The simple answer to this question is yes. Always yes. Many schools make the mistake of thinking that they won’t need any support because “all of the staff already own Apple devices at home". However, embedding Apple technology in the classroom is a completely different ball game. Not only are there stacks of education-specific apps (Apple Classroom, Schoolwork, See Saw, Explain Everything etc) but the technology is also constantly evolving. An Apple Professional Learning Specialist will be able to keep everyone up to date with the latest developments in an ever-changing technological world. Perhaps most importantly, however, APL can provide a school with ongoing support. The more a teacher utilises Apple products in the classroom, the more they will want to develop their knowledge. The more the learners engage with Apple technology, the more they will want to explore new areas of the devices. Having an ongoing training plan in place means that you can keep up with the progressions being made and continue to push forward.  

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Want more? Become an Apple Teacher!

Apple Teacher  is a free online CPD programme that recognises amazing teaching and learning with Apple Technologies. By completing Apple Teacher programme, you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students, earn recognition for the new things you learn and be rewarded for the great work you do every day.

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