Why choosing Apple for Education?

Apple was founded on the idea that technology can unleash creativity. Technology can play a major role in helping every learner be a creator, and Apple knew they could do more to help teachers bring out the creative genius in every child.

As a proud Apple Solution Expert (ASE), we can help you create an innovative learning environment to empower your students and prepare the leaders of tomorrow. From planning your project to installation and ongoing support, enjoy the latest technologies in your classroom without stress for your IT team.

Over 12 Years of Experience

Ranked 6th ASE in the UK, we have over 12 years of experience working with local authorities, schools, colleges and universities.

The Latest Technology

We provide the latest Apple's products: powerful, intuitive and flexible tools to create a personal learning experience for each student.

Ongoing support

Whether it is technical or training services, we ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your Apple experience to the fullest.  


Discover BOS, your complete bespoke subscription.

Instead of buying devices, enjoy your subscription service with a simple monthly payment and refresh your devices every 36 months. No more stress for your IT team: our experts take care of delivering, repairing, collecting and recycling all your devices. You can customise your solution according to your teaching needs.

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From setting up to repairing and recycling, our team of engineers are here to create solid technical foundations for your technology investments. They are all qualified to the highest Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) level.


Make the most of your technology with ongoing training and support from our certified Apple Education Trainers. As qualified teachers, they understand the challenges of the classroom and have a deep knowledge of technology to help you create an inspiring learning environment. Our team of trainers provided bespoke professional development to over 8,000 teachers and students every year.


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Interested in Apple Technologies? Get in touch with one of our trusted advisers to discuss how we can help you create success with technology.