Help teachers reduce workload with Apple Education so they can unlock the genius in every student.

Save time and money with our Education bundles

Financing technology projects is not easy with school budgets and you're wondering how to buy Apple products with affordable pricing. Subscription can allow you access products such as an iPad or MacBook, in a simple package including all services.
Whether you are looking for a 1:1 device programme or a Class set, we can create a bespoke solution with you.
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How to reduce teachers workload and increase impact of technology in the classroom?

If there is one thing that teachers don't have, it is time. There is always something to plan, books to mark or reports to be written. Apple devices and the range of apps available can make a difference between a task taking ten minutes instead of two hours. Let the technology be part of the journey to make your day easier.

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Your new Distance Learning Platform is available!

We selected a range of tools and resources for teachers and for students. You can explore the best practices on how to use educational apps and games to give your students the most unique online learning experience. 
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Invest in Professional Development

Apple Professional Learning offerings include comprehensive resources and services to help build foundational skills with Apple products and integrate them into learning, so you can create innovative instruction that engages students more deeply.

Apple Professional Learning resources are designed to support and enhance your instructional practice. And by learning how to make the most of your iPad, Mac and a wide variety of educational apps and materials, you can design and deliver lessons that create more a-ha moments for students.

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Apple Distinguished Educators

The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program is a select group of K-12 and Higher Education professionals around the world possessing an identified expertise in educational technology leadership. Approximately 1,500 educators and involved in this global program.

ADEs are passionate advocates for the potential of innovative technologies to engage and empower students. They share their best practices for the advancement of teaching and learning.

If you're interested in Apple Education teacher training, complete the form and our Education team will be happy to assist you.