We are a proud Apple Authorised Education Specialist. We're here to help you transform your educational experience by providing you with the best Education technology (devices, IT support for schools, training) combined with financing capabilities.

Devices For Schools

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iPad for Education

Delightfully capable. Surprisingly affordable.

Mac for Education

The future of Mac. Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip.


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Primary schools students using an iPad to study

BOS Subscription from £7.45 / month*

An Apple bundle designed for schools to deliver a 1:1 programme. Save money with our subscription and allow every student and teacher to access a digital device. Includes delivery, warranty, collection and recycling.

Teacher using an iPad in the classroom with her students

BOS Mini Subscription from £7.45 / month*

An Apple bundle designed for schools to deliver a 32 iPad Class Set. Save money with our subscription and get ongoing support. Includes delivery, warranty, technical setup, teacher training, collection and recycling.

iPad devices used for educational purposes in a year group

One-to-one iPad Programme

Discover our one-to-one programme and how it can transform education. With virtual classrooms, students and teachers stay connected. From a year group to an entire school, each student has access to their own device instead of sharing devices.

JTRS Mac Subscription
Discover JTRS Subscription, a unique flexible service designed for Education. Instead of buying devices, enjoy a complete subscription service based on a simple price per device.


We live in a world full of possibility. Most learners carry a multimedia device in their backpack. How can any teacher compete with the power in each pocket? Mac is the answer.

Equip your Teachers with sleek, intuitive and environmentally-friendly M1 Macs and benefit from a fleet of long-lasting dynamic devices. Teachers need to be quick on their feet, endlessly imaginative and ahead of the curve to keep their learners engaged. Their technology needs to do the same.

iMac with Retina display

Choose between a range of options and get devices, accessories, MDM and warranty. You can add data plans if needed. Working from anywhere has never been easier.

Secondary student using an iPad to study from home

iPad for Distance Learning from £7.75 / month*