JTRS Inspire College Students To Engage in STEM Through the Power Of Hands-On Learning
26 February, 2018 by
JTRS Inspire College Students To Engage in STEM Through the Power Of Hands-On Learning
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On Friday 23rd February 2018, a range of Level 3 (BTEC & A level) students from Burnley College took part in an engaging, hands-on STEM challenge, delivered by JTRS’ Head of Innovation, David Gregory. David guided the students through a series of STEM competencies using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 kits and the EV3 Programming App for iPad. Students worked in small teams to build and code their own unique robotic solutions to the challenges set for them. Aside from developing their coding and engineering skills, the students were also encouraged to apply other skills, including creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, computational thinking and resilience.

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David, who joined JTRS in January 2018 after spending 7 years heading up LEGO® Education in the UK, said “The students were fantastic and really engaged with the activities. I spent very little time talking as the focus and purpose was on getting them hands-on. The LEGO® Education pedagogy is very much focussed on open-ended, real-world challenges and learners using the LEGO system of play to create their own solutions. They all achieved a great deal today!”.

David delivered the session in the College’s atrium and everyone who entered or left the building during that time got to see the robotic creations taking shape and coming to life through code. 

JTRS Sales Director, Garry Pearson, said “There was a real buzz around the College while the session was going on. Everyone passing through the atrium during the activities stopped to get a look at what was happening. The students that were taking part didn’t seem to notice however, they were so engaged in the challenges and improving their robot designs".

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The session finished with a race, where the student's robots went head to head, to determine which was the best combination of design and code.

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 is robotic technology designed to get students investigating coding and STEM subjects. You can learn more about EV3 by visiting our dedicated website pages.

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If you would like David or another one of our LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainers to visit your school or college and deliver a similar session for your pupils, then please get in touch.

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