Get fully-funded support to get set up on Google for Education with technical services and training.

The Department for Education launched a fully-funded programme to deploy remote learning for schools with the use of a digital platform for teaching. 

Apply and get set up on a fully-funded digital platform for education.

With Google for Education & G Suite, students and teachers will be able to login, and simply access or share resources online.

Discover now the fully-funded programme by the DfE and deploy remote learning with the use of a free online platform for Education. As we're waiting for guidance for schools reopening, you can apply for support to get set up on G Suite for Education and claim between £1,500 and £10,000. You can still use this online platform when things get back to normal!

JTRS are an official DfE approved Platform Provisioning Partner and Google Education Partner in the UK. We can set up G Suite for Education for you with Google Classroom services. You will also get 12 months of technical services.

Who can apply for the DfE programme?

Schools and responsible bodies can apply.

You're eligible for this support if you:
- Don't currently have a digital platform for education; or
- Are already using G Suite but are not yet set up to assign work and communicate with pupils

We can help you quickly check if you're eligible here.
Students holding Chromebook laptops going to class

1. Apply

Apply for funding through Gov.UK and select 'JTRS' as your preferred partner.

2. Deploy

You get approved by Google and we help you set up your G Suite for Education services.

3. Fund

The DFE pays the school directly and JTRS will invoice the school for the set agreed amount.

4. Train

You receive free online training to enable you to get to grips with Google for Education apps.

Google for Education Free Training Session for teachers: Explore How to easily use Google apps 

Primary school students and their teacher using Chromebook laptops and Google Classroom
Empowering your teachers is absolutely paramount. Understanding how to logistically and creatively embed Google for Education applications into day-to-day learning processes can be achieved through CPD. We're offering every school a free 1.5-2 hour 'onboarding session'. This online training will enable key members of staff to explore Google apps and learn how they interconnect with each other. Through this interactive workshop, teachers will learn how to facilitate a digital workflow that can enrich education in and outside of the classroom.


G Suite is a collection of cloud based productivity and collaboration tools to enhance teaching and learning. It allows schools to work from anywhere on a whole host of devices. G Suite includes Gmail and Hangouts for communication, Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets, Slides for productivity and collaboration and Classroom for schools. Using the Admin portal, you can login from your account, manage users and Chrome devices.

We can assist your school from the first step through the full migration to the cloud with Google.

The Department for Education supports this programme. The DfE will pay the school directly and we will invoice the school. We will not charge more than the set agree amount the DfE will be paying the school (VAT will be claimed back by the school as usual).

If you decide to add non-included devices or custom data plans, we are happy to assist you to create a bespoke package.

According to DfE guidance, devices are available for the most disadvantaged students who would otherwise not have access. This applies to:

- Care leavers

- Children with a social worker (including pre-school children)

- Disadvantaged children in year 10, ahead of GCSEs next year

Internet access will be provided through 4G hotspot devices for any of the following people who do not currently have it:

- Care leavers

- Young people aged 11 to 19 with a social worker

- Disadvantaged year 10 pupils

People aged 16 to 19 without a suitable device for education will be eligible for support through the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund. Find out more here.

When your grant has been approved, your designated Google Trainer will be in touch to arrange the logistics of the training (set up your account and send you resources).

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Student using a Chromebook laptop for remote learning

Remote learning for schools with Google Education

Our flexible financing solution BOS allows you to get a complete connectivity package with access to the latest devices alongside a full suite of technical services and custom data plans.