Blended Learning with Apple Technology

24/05/2021 16:00 to 24/05/2021 17:30 (GB)

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Blended Learning with Apple Technology

Windlesham House School

24th May 4:00pm

Join our interactive webinar and see first-hand how

Apple iPad can support blended learning in the


Welcoming learners back in to school is as exciting as

it is challenging. Technology quickly ingrained itself

across all areas of the curriculum during lockdown.

How do we move forward without loosing all of the

Innovative advancements that came with remote


In this webinar event, we aim to answer that question.

We’ll be sharing practical ideas during our hands-on

Carousel Workshops enabling you to exit the webinar

with accessible app-based learning activities.

On top of this, Christopher Roach (Director of Learning

at Windlesham House School) will showcase how they

are planning to continue harbouring effective

technology-infused approaches to classroom practice.

Windlesham House introduced iPad in 2016.

This Apple infrastructure helped them to overcome

many remote-learning challenges. 

Chris will explain

how the lessons they learnt in lockdown, will make a

positive impact on their ‘Road Ahead’.

In short

• Explore technology-infused approaches to

Teaching and Learning

• Learn how to use engaging online apps for

learning in and out of the classroom

• Reduce teacher workloads through blending

physical and digital workflows


4:00 Welcome Mark Jennings JTRS, Nick Acton, Apple Professional Learning Specialist

4:05 Lockdown Learning and the Road Ahead Christopher Roche, Director of ICT 


4:15 Blended Learning Breakout Rooms Hands on Carousel Workshops


5:15 Approaches to future proofing your classroom

5:25 Q&A


From 24/05/2021 16:00
To 24/05/2021 17:30


0330 223 0500

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