Google for Education is helping schools to teach and learn remotely

As a Google for Education partner, we're here to help you with devices, IT support and fundamental training for the best teaching and learning experience.

Student using a Chromebook laptop for remote learning

Bespoke Subscription for Distance Learning on a selection of Chromebooks.

As an HP Gold Partner and Google for Education Specialist, we can help you with laptops, accessories, fundamental training, free apps and everything you need. Whether you'll be using it at home or in class.

Apply now for funded support to get set-up on G Suite for Education!

Through the Department for Education's Platform Provisioning Programme, you can get G Suite for Education, a digital platform that allows you to keep everything in the same place, and stay connected with your students all the time. There are more than 120m users in the world and we can help you with the best practices if you're not sure how to use G suite.
Student working on a digital platform using G Suite for Education with a Chromebook laptop

G Suite for Education

G Suite applications icons

A free to use digital platform to teach & learn from anywhere 

Over 120 million teachers and students around the world use G Suite for Education. G Suite is a collection of cloud based productivity and collaboration tools. It includes Gmail, Google Meets for communication, Drive and Calendar for storage, Docs, Sheets, Slides for productivity and collaboration and Classroom for schools. Using the Admin portal, you can manage accounts, users and devices remotely. We're here to support you from the first step through the full installation. You will also discover the benefits of using G Suite Education and implement best practices with courses delivered by our certified trainer.

Google Classroom: a simple platform to stay connected with students

With Google Classroom, you can:
- Manage a virtual classroom
- Create and organise assignments
- Provide feedback to students
- Encourage discussions by having students post questions and comments

Google Classroom for Education logo

Speed, Simplicity, Security

Fast, secure and powerful, Chromebooks are special laptop computers powered by Chrome OS, an enhanced version of the popular web browser.  With a Chromebook, all of your Google Apps can be accessed through the Internet (or downloaded for use in offline mode) and all of your data is saved to your Drive.  We can assist you in implementing Chromebooks into your school or college, including device management, technical support and fundamental training.

Work Faster

Chromebooks boot up and are ready to go within 6 seconds

Work Smarter

Chromebooks are the perfect companion for Google Apps for Education

Work Secure

Chromebooks download and install security and software updates automatically: no need for a security software!

Simple Management from one place.

With Chrome Device Management, you can simply manage 1,000 chrome devices, from apps to supervision of your students, to ensure the best experience of your devices.

Interested in our Google for Education Solutions? Get in touch and our Education team will discuss your project with you!