Jamf Connect: Streamline Mac authentification and identitiy management

Simplify the user experience while eliminating support challenges for IT.

Connect enables remote management of users, groups, passwords, and access to corporate applications and cloud resources. This evolved approach to identity and security management eases the burden on IT staff and end-users. Jamf Connect and cloud-identity providers — such as Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory — offer organisations a high level of user and device trust, while also ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience for employees.
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Leverage a single cloud identity on any Apple device to gain immediate access to the resources you need.

Jamf Connect allows for simple provisioning of users from a cloud identity service during an Apple provisioning workflow, complete with multi-factor authentication:

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Account provisioning

Whether it’s during setup or in day-to-day use, Jamf Connect ensures a single identity is being used to access a user’s device and applications – without the need to bind to Active Directory.

Identity management

Keeping accounts and resources secure is a big job. That’s why Jamf Connect provides IT admins with the ability to keep an eye on all company devices and who is accessing them, when and from what device, providing peace of mind that both the device and corporate information are protected

Password synchronization

Connect ensures a user’s cloud identity passwords are synchronized down to the local account level on the Mac, even when the password is changed.