Jamf Pro: User productivity maximised

Empower your Apple users and IT team to succeed with Apple.

Designed to automate device management for you while driving end-user productivity and creativity— the standard for Apple management — leverages native Apple technology to preserve the Apple experience end users know and love and empower IT professionals. We keep in lockstep with Apple releases to deliver same-day operating system compatibility — meaning you and your end users have immediate access to new productivity and management features.
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All the EMM capabilities you need in one package.


Provide your end users with a fully customizable onboarding experience. Provision and deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV seamlessly with the customized workflows.

Device Management

Configuration profiles, policies, and scripts direct your Apple devices to function exactly as needed. Surpass simple troubleshooting by automating management with our patented Smart Groups technology: a powerful way to trigger real-time alerts and actions from inventory data.

App Management

Streamline app management with bulk purchasing and deployment. Jamf Pro integrates with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, allowing you to assign apps to users or devices —no Apple ID required. Deploy apps from the App Store, B2B App Store or custom in-house apps. You can also reclaim app licenses to reallocate when needed.


Automatically collect user, hardware, software and security device data or customize inventory specifications. Dynamic Smart Groups keep track of everything for you, including software versions and warranty expiration. 


Give your users access to a one-stop shop for trusted apps, company resources and shortcuts for troubleshooting tasks like password resets. Jamf Self Service — a fully customizable, ondemand app store that you control — is the best way to empower end users and alleviate common IT support requests 


Secure Apple devices by leveraging native security features. Manage device settings and configurations, restrict malicious software and patch your Apple devices without user interaction or physical access to the device. Pair Jamf Pro with Jamf Protect for comprehensive, designed-for-Mac endpoint protection.