Why learning with LEGO® Education in your classroom?

As a proud partner of LEGO® Education in the UK, we provide a wide range of learning resources and lesson plans. Building robots and programming have never been so easy.

Enable your pupils to get involved in their learning process: they experience STEM learning through play. We provide the LEGO® sets, lesson plans and the expert trainer to help you make the most of your LEGO® Education experience.

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime


LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime is the new STEAM learning solution for students aged 11 to 14. It is a robotics kit that helps students learn to think critically, analyse data, and solve real-world problems. Regardless of their learning level, students can build and program their first model in a few minutes.

Early Learning: Coding Express & STEAM Park

Children naturally explore the world around them like small scientists. Introduce early coding concepts to young learners and inspire their creativity and critical thinking through hands-on learning. Pupils can build a train or a theme park while collaborating and sharing ideas.

LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0

LEGO® Education WeDo 2.o brings intuitive lessons and hands-on STEAM learning to primary students. Introducing students to science, computational thinking, and engineering principles, this resources boosts student engagement and confidence. They can use LEGO® to program and build working models that they can remotely control using Bluetooth.



LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  Education EV3 lets your secondary students design and construct programmable robots. With lesson plans and building instructions, engage your students in STEM subjects using robotics.

LEGO® Education Machines and Mechanisms

LEGO® Education Machines and Mechanisms gives you the tools and activities to teach about real-world technology and engineering problems and solutions. Students can build motorised machines and study gearing mechanisms.

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Teacher Training

We provide tailor-made certified training to help you create inspiring computing and STEM lessons using LEGO® Education solutions. We also host free workshops across the UK where you can get hands-on with the resources. 

Interested in LEGO® Education resources? Get in touch with our LEGO® Education specialists to discuss your project!