Welcome on board Coding Express and begin your coding journey,

Designed for children aged 2 to 5, this set of DUPLO® bricks combined with the Coding Express App will allow young learners to build a train while discovering early coding concepts such as sequencing and looping.


Early coding will strengthen children's communication and collaboration skills, encourage problem-solving make them remember instructions and focus their attention. Allowing children to explore the basic skills needed for coding at an earlier age will make it easier for them to learn, understand, and apply coding later on.  

LEGO® Education Coding Express will help your learners develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration, social and emotional skills.
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Everything you need to start your journey

The Coding Express Teacher Guide includes four lesson plans focused on the physical train set and four that use the Coding Express app. The guide will help you teach young learners how to express ideas with digital elements, learn new words, and understand basic coding concepts.

There are five different coloured action bricks for children to explore. Each colour causes the train to behave in a different way as it passes over the action brick. By using the action bricks, children learn about sequencing, looping and conditional coding.

The child-directed app provides four areas for children to explore: Journeys, Characters, Music and Math. The differently themed activities change the way the action bricks behave, altering how the train reacts.

Once you get your Coding Express kit, we can provide bespoke training to empower your staff with our LEGO® Certified Trainer.

Success Story

"When I saw Coding Express, I knew it was going to be a success."
Lauren Millington, EYFS Lead, Ashbury Meadow Primary School
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Supported Operated Systems: iOS and Android.

We can also provide the devices if needed.

For more information on the product, see here.

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