LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, the latest STEAM set by LEGO® Education

Accelerate STEAM learning with SPIKE™ Prime robotic kit. Programming have never been so easy.

With SPIKE Prime, students follow building instructions, can control a robot remotely via Bluetooth and learn an intuitive coding language.


As one of the 3 LEGO® Education partners in the UK, we can provide you with this hands-on solution with teacher training from a certified trainer.

21st-century skills like robotics and coding are vital for future success. Designed for kids aged 11 to 14, SPIKE™ Prime is a set that brings together colourful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, intuitive coding language based on Scratch (coding language) and a student ready platform for all levels.
Once you have your SPIKE Prime set, students can download the SPIKE™ App, follow building instructions and easily program their robot with Scratch and Python.


The SPIKE™ App comes with many Curriculum STEAM lessons

Odoo • Image and Text
In addition to the Getting Started material, the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App comes with 4 unit plans of curriculum STEAM content focusing on Engineering and Computer Science. Optimised for 45-minute lessons, these activities accelerate STEAM learning. Comprehensive online lesson plans with a wealth of accessible, interactive support material give teachers everything they need to deliver lessons with confidence, whatever their previous experience.  

The endless creative design possibilities and lessons of SPIKE Prime including the option to explore text-based coding with Python help students approach playful learning and build the STEAM skills they need to become the innovative minds of tomorrow.  

SPIKE Prime offers lessons for:

- Engineering
- Computer Science
- Science
- Competitions
- Technology 

Once you get your robotics kits, we can provide bespoke training to empower your staff with our LEGO® Certified Trainer.  

If you want to build more advanced projects and prepare for STEM competitions, the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Expansion set is perfect for you. Buy here.

Based on the Scratch Coding Platform with your Choice of Operating Systems.
Supported Operated Systems: iOS, Chrome, Windows 10, Mac and Android.
When you connect the Hub to the SPIKE App for the first time, you have to install the latest operating system. More about connecting your Hub here.

We can also provide the devices if needed.

For more information on the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime product, see here.  To download the LEGO SPIKE software, click here.

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