Suitable for a teacher that uses iPad in the classroom
Licenses available from JTRS 
Easy to use

For teachers that use an iPad for the large majority of their teaching, AirServer is an essential accessory. This downloadable software is available on all desktop devices. It enables teachers to seamlessly mirror their iPad on to their computer screen. This not only helps to bridge the gap between an iPad and a classroom screen/whiteboard, but it can also offer a unique solution for live lessons.

AirServer has the ability to link with Youtube. This ability enables a teacher to live stream their iPad screen, whilst using the desktop’s microphone to pick up audio as well. In other words, viewers will see the iPad screen and hear the teachers voice as they use their device to teach. Overall, this offers a solid streaming platform with real-time iPad screen mirroring. More importantly however, it offers flexibility. AirServer enables teachers to utilise multiple apps on their iPad to teach any given subject and easily communicate that process to their pupils.  

Not every teacher is going to be comfortable with showing their face on camera.

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It can be a daunting experience for anyone. Keynote Live, Explain Everything and AirServer all offer comprehensive ways of teaching concepts without turning a camera on. This solution is multifaceted. A teacher can jump from one app to the next unencumbered by a single applications limits. The possibilities are endless.    

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