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Some whiteboard software experience recommended

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Amongst the myriad of different ways to communicate in a live capacity, few options are as educationally specific as the Explain Everything app is. At its core, Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app. Teachers can use it to model work and explain… well, everything. The app has all of the features one expects from an interactive whiteboard software. It’s intuitive and easy to use, with the added benefit of it being able to utilise all of the functions of a mobile device. For example, a teacher can use the iPad camera to take a photo or video and plonk that media directly on to the whiteboard. 

The microphone can be used to record teachings over the top of visual directions.

The apps ‘collaboration’ feature enables teachers to use Explain Everything as an effective live lesson tool. Tapping on the collaborate button generates a class code. This code can be shared with students in order for them to gain access to the teacher’s whiteboard. They can then watch the interactions on the whiteboard and listen to their teacher’s instructions in real time. In other words, all of the scribbles, text, shapes, images and videos that the teacher uses in their lesson will be seen live on each student’s screen.  

With the tap of a button, the teacher can allow students to interact with the whiteboard and use annotation tools themselves. In this scenario, Explain Everything offers a ‘two way’ experience during a live lesson. Many of the other live lesson solutions available have one foot in the business sector and another in the education market. Explain Everything is purely for education and it shows.  

Explain Everything in Mathematics

At its most basic, Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app. Pupils can use it to write out mathematical equations or generally work through questions on an easy-to-use digital whiteboard. However, if you delve a little bit deeper into the app's functionality, you’ll find a range of mathematically-minded features. All of the Maths symbols can be found in its text tools; the whiteboard screen can be turned into squared paper and you can draw geometric shapes with just one finger. The best feature, however, is the microphone and screen capture function. Taping on the record button begins a video-capable of capturing a mathematical process. 

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