Best for Higher Education Students
Simplistic interface and options
Little technical know-how required

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If you are one of the many schools who have deployed 1:1 Apple devices and your pupils are currently at home with their technology, FaceTime is an incredibly solid solution for you to use. Like all Apple apps, FaceTime is easy to use and intuitive. In order to 'dial in' to your students, all you will need is their Apple ID. For most schools with established 1:1 Apple schemes, the students' Apple ID will be their email address.

Simply open the app, press the plus in the top corner and add your first student via their email address/Apple ID.

As soon as you are connected you can then add more people. The students can also add participants. With that in mind, a quick and easy way of starting a call (with up to 31 participants) is to organise an ‘adding chain’, whereby the first student adds the second and so on.

Due to the nature of this setup and the features embedded in FaceTime, it is best suited for Higher Education students. Intended for individual consumers, there are just too many fun features on FaceTime that would most likely distract younger learners.

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