Best for Secondary / Higher Education
Easy to use
Needs some technical installations

Odoo • Image and Text

Google Meet (formerly called 'Hangouts') is a brilliant solution for any school that already utilises Google Education applications and it works absolutely seamlessly on any Apple device. The connective tissue between the teacher and their class is their google accounts. To ‘dial in’ to the teacher simply opens the Google Meet app and types in everyone's email address. When they’re ready to start, they click on a video call and it will contact every individual via their inboxes. Alternatively, you can schedule ‘Google Meets’. Again, these scheduled events appear in each inbox. In a similar fashion to Zoom, teachers can share their screens as well during a live call.  The main difference between Google Meet and the other solutions out there is that it is intrinsically linked to the wider family of Google apps. These are all available on the Apple App Store and offer a much more streamlined experience for the learner. For example, if a child is working on Google Docs and receives a ‘Google Meet’ invitation, the two apps work together to make it a cohesive experience. The apps enhance each other when they work collaboratively and ultimately hosting everything in one place (learning activities and live lessons) makes for a less complicated jumble of different solutions.  

It might not be accessible straight away, but setting up a Google for Education account and distributing email addresses to students is a job that is well worth pursuing. At JTRS, we can help get you set up and ready to go.

If you need guidance or help with your devices, contact our Education team for a free demo.