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Sometimes the most popular app is the best one to use. Instagram is of course primarily a social media app. However, its live-streaming capabilities shouldn’t be ignored or disregarded. Pandemic of no pandemic, there is no reason why a school shouldn’t start its own Instagram account and many have. It’s unsurprisingly a consumer-friendly piece of software and so even the most ‘technophobic’ teacher can easily set up an account. After doing so, they can simply ask their students to follow their account. 

When the teacher hosts a live stream, the students will be notified. At that point, they can join the stream on mass and watch the teacher deliver their lesson. Built-in features enable the students to interact with the teacher in some effective ways.

Firstly, the viewers can comment during the stream. The comments appear in real-time on the teacher’s device screen. Alternatively, a ‘question’ button allows students to ask questions for the teacher to pick up on at the end. So live and interactive questions can be facilitated or the teacher can address needs after their lesson. Other educators or the students themselves can request to co-host the live stream. The host teacher can approve their request, resulting in a split-screen live video that enables two participants to converse in front of an audience. This feature is brilliant for debates or Q&As.  

Unfortunately, hosting a live lesson on a social media platform is not the best option for everyone. Younger children are not allowed to set up their own accounts and so this is a purely a solution for university lecturers or higher education organisations. Whilst teachers can create a very secure account with robust privacy settings, overall, it is far more appropriate to use Instagram with mature students.   

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