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Some keynote skills are useful

Another effective way of hosting a live lesson is to utilise the ‘Live’ functionality within Keynote. Teachers can create a presentation on Keynote with all the learning objectives and materials a learner would expect to see during a classroom lesson. They can then choose ‘Use Keynote Live’ within the share options in the app to broadcast their presentation with the microphone on their device turned on. Learners can view the live stream by clicking on a link that the teacher can easily share. They will then be faced with the keynote presentation and the teacher's voice on their own device.

Of course, this means that there is no ‘face-to-face’ interaction. The viewers of the presentation cannot interject or contribute to the learning experience.  However, this one-way experience is a very focussed way of sharing ideas and teaching new concepts.

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Keynote presentations are very engaging and their multimedia capabilities mean that a teacher can embed a range of teaching resources into the presentation itself. In this sense, the learner is able to view high-quality teaching content unencumbered by the potential distractions that come with live streaming or video calls.  

When the Keynote Live session is over, the teacher can then share the keynote presentation with their class in its original file format. This way. they can go through the presentation and revisit any learning aspects that they might have missed during the live session. It’s a brilliantly focussed approach to remote live lessons.

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