Best for Secondary / Higher Education
Easy to use
Some technical know-how required

For schools with a strong Microsoft infrastructure, Teams is probably the best solution for live lessons. To use the app, a teacher requires a Microsoft 365 account. This is a paid-for service but many schools already subscribe to Office 365. With that in mind, teachers should check with their administrators before pursuing this solution.

Happily however, the learners do not need an account to join a Teams meeting. The teacher can use their account to set up a call and simply share a link with their learners for them to join in. The students just need the app downloaded. On the call, teachers and learners can utilise a range of tools.

Files and comments can be shared easily within a ‘chat stream’. All of the files shared during a Teams meeting can also be found in a separate stream of ‘Files’ making it easy for learners to scroll through the documents. These files can be edited as the conversation continues.

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On top of that, all of the screen sharing capabilities and video preferences are customisable within the app's settings.  The real strength of Teams is its connectivity with the other 365 Microsoft apps.

Like Google, an entire collection of Microsoft productivity, creativity and assessment tools are accessible and shareable via Teams. Teachers can post OneNote links, collaborative Word documents, Powerpoint Presentations, Microsoft Forms and so on. In this scenario, Teams could be at the centre of a broader learning experience.

Not only can it be used to effectively host live lessons with real-time teacher/pupil correspondence, but it can also act as a springboard to all sorts of activities involving the Microsoft apps.

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