Best for KS2 and Secondary students
Accessible and well-known by most learners
Very little technical know-how required

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Sometimes the simplistic option is the best option. Hosting a live lesson is obviously going to be a nerve-wracking ordeal for some teachers. Being able to facilitate some back-and-forth via a live video call is brilliant but it’s certainly true that the ability to see learners and possibly their parents checking in, isn’t always entirely comforting. Nor is it always useful. 

Sometimes, it might be best to simply host a live lesson that only displays the teacher. There are plenty of ‘oneway’ live streaming applications out there but Youtube is a good solution for any school as it allows you to host private live streams via a unique and unlisted link. The school or individual teachers will need a youtube account to host the live stream. When the teacher ‘goes live’ they can see how many viewers are watching and therefore, get an instant attendance record. The learners can make comments throughout the live stream which the teacher can react to in real-time. Youtube will also automatically record the steam so that the teacher can share the lesson again as video.

You can not easily switch between sharing your screen and your Webcam video. There are not any options for uploading files or connecting to other apps. It is simply a way of broadcasting a lesson to a group of learners. It’s a simplistic and easy way of teaching without the potential complications that come with a two way communicative solution.  

Watch our tutorial to learn how to start a Live Video Stream on Youtube:


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