Mac Energy Efficiency


Apple design its products to be energy efficient, long-lasting, and safe. Mac uses software and power-efficient components that intelligently manage power consumption. 

Apple are taking responsibility for their products throughout their life cycles—including the materials they are made of, the people who build them, and how they are recycled at end of life. Apple focus on the areas where they can make the biggest difference for our planet: reducing our impact on climate change, conserving important resources, and using safer materials.

Power Consumption

Mac is designed to be energy efficient right out of the box, using features like Compressed Memory and App Nap to stay fast and save power.  

Carbon Footprint

Apple is committed to making carbon neutral products by 2030. In the meantime, they continuously work to reduce the carbon footprint of Mac. 

Class Act & Trade In

As part of JTRS’ commitment to future generations, we launched our Eco Action initiatives. As part of these initiatives we created our Climate Positive Class Act subscriptions where we will offset the total carbon generated throughout the lifecycle of the devices. 

Through our Class Act Trade In offer, trade in your existing devices for a more sustainable, energy efficient Mac, receive your Carbon Credit Certificate and join our Eco Action Community.

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