Supporting school leaders with a one-to-one device programme

As one of the leading Apple Authorised Education Specialists in the UK, we can collaborate with you to plan, deploy and sustain a One-to-one Programme and enrich education through technology.

Technology within Education has never been more important. Providing each learner with their own powerful Apple iPad and embedding technology into the curriculum in a meaningful way will ensure that every child experiences an enhanced education in the classroom and beyond.

What is a one-to-one programme?

What are the benefits of a one-to-one programme?

How does it work?

What is a One-to-one Programme?

A one-to-one Programme enables you to put technology in the hands of the learners who need it the most. One-to-one programmes can range from a year group to an entire school. In both scenarios, each student has access to their own device instead of sharing devices. 
Students in an educational institution using one device per student in the classroom

 A One-to-one programme can transform education. With virtual classrooms, teachers and students stay connected. Teachers can share assessments, feedback and educational content much faster on digital platforms. Schools can save money by facilitating a paperless classroom. Most importantly, this programme gives each student the means to explore their creativity and develop academically through engaging and accessible technology.

Independent Learning

Engage students with the means to explore their own ideas through a powerful iPad. The technology will allow them to push through educational challenges.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Mobile devices enable students to take their learning home and access thousands of educational apps, resources and content, wherever they are.

A Virtual Classroom

Increase communication and efficiency between students and teachers with digital platforms. It is easy to collaborate and share feedback .    

Safe Learning Experience

Through Mobile Device Management, key members of staff can create a safe learning environment for both Teachers and Students by remotely restricting, configuring and controlling iPads.

Sustainable Financing

Choose from a range of financing options including lease agreements, subscriptions, capital purchase or parental contributions. If you wish to purchase your new technology, we provide the best pricing structure for you.


Layton Primary School Success Story

Layton Primary School deployed a one-to-one iPad programme to promote independence, creativity and passion for learning. In 5 years, the school progressed from Satisfactory to Outstanding and are now ranked in the highest 3% in the country.

In any new technological transformation, a clear vision and plan needs to be established. We work closely with our schools to create a digital strategy before collaborating with Apple to shape your vision and plan for a successful Apple journey. Whether you're expanding your Apple technology or exploring it for the first time, we can help. Book a 'Planning Essentials' Workshop with us and take your first step.

We can share success stories with you and introduce you to curriculum leaders and schools that are leading the way. Every 1:1 Programme is different, but seeing how successful school deployed their programme can help you plan your project.

A robust network infrastructure is essential to handle volumes of devices. Our Apple technical engineers are all certified. They can help you audit your current infrastructure, develop your technical plan and implement any changes so you can focus on teaching and learning. 

At JTRS, we pride ourselves in providing relevant and holistic professional development. We deliver teacher training pre-deployment and ongoing teachers workshop to help you make the most of your Apple products for education. Your dedicated Apple Professional Learning Specialist will work with you to create a bespoke training plan that meets the wants and needs of the teachers. 

Parental engagement within a 1:1 Programme is an essential piece of the planning puzzle. We can advise you on the best practice regarding the communications and overall involvement of parents as important stakeholders in your technological venture. We believe that everyone should be part of the vision and plan.

Choose from our range of financing options. Whether you want a cost-neutral scheme or a subsidised scheme, our education team has vast experience with 1:1 programmes as well as a variety of institutions (state funded or independent). We will help you choose the best way to finance your technology plan. 

JTRS are regulated by the FCA and can provide accidental damage & theft insurance cover for devices, warranty support through our Apple Authorised Service Provider accreditation and Gap & Misappropriation insurance cover for schools who want that extra level of financial protection.