Suitable for any educational organisation with class sets of iPad
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Schools need to start preparing themselves for the very real possibility of ‘in-class social distancing’ measures. Many other countries are beginning to open their schools but are restricting pupil interaction and organising the classroom in such a way that everyone is as far apart from each other as possible.    

Apple Classroom can really help in this respect. Firstly the app enables teachers to control entire class sets of iPad wirelessly. This means on every pupil's device, webpages can be loaded; Apple Books opened; educational apps launched and files can be shared, by the teacher, entirely remotely. What’s more, the classroom app allows a teacher to view all of the iPad screens in their class from their own device. This functionality means that educators can keep a watchful eye over their learners and actively steer them away from misunderstandings in the lesson. If they see some work that they like, they can push that iPad screen on to their interactive whiteboard through Airplay mirroring.
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All of these functions enable wireless interconnections between devices. This effectively means that teachers do not have to walk from desk to desk to check up on progress. They can stay a sensible distance away from their pupils but still interact digitally. A healthy and effective mix of online and practical teacher lead learning can be achieved to maximise social distancing potential in a classroom.      

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