Best for Secondary
Easy accessible from the App Store on a number of devices
Some file-sharing knowledge needed

Many schools will be interacting with online learning platforms for the first time. For educators and institutions in this situation, starting from scratch with Showbie, See Saw or Edmodo would be recommended. Each app has its strengths and all are free to use. Edmodo’s strength lies in its formulaic interface. It’s primarily a file sharing and folder generating platform that may be more suited to older students.

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Teachers can create classes and share a code with their learners to enable them access. Everything can be organised into different folders. This makes a clear and clean experience for the student who can navigate through lessons easily. In fact, overall, Edmodo is a more streamlined offering. There are no annotation tools or built-in whiteboards. Teachers can’t mark work within the app. Students need to download resources on to their own device before editing them.   

The uncomplicated nature of the app means that it’s a simple tool to use. Teachers can easily push content into clearly named folders.

Students can access that content and upload their own finished work to the same folders. It’s as straight forward as that. So, for schools that have no experience what so ever with a digital workflow, Edmodo might be a good place to start. Especially as the app contains a comprehensive library of lessons that have already been created. An entire department can start by sharing pre-made resources and see how it goes. It’s a win-win.


Odoo • Text and Image

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