Best for Secondary Level and Higher Education
Free tool for all to use but it is at its best when a school sets up Google Education accounts
Some basic technology skills are needed

Google Classroom works in conjunction with all the other Google Apps to provide a brilliant platform for digital workflow. It is all available for free on the  Apple App Store .  The beauty of Google is that it is universal and obviously, many of us already use the platform in some form. However, for teachers and pupils gaining access to Google Classroom and the apps that work around it is slightly more complicated. Everyone involved needs an account. School technicians can create Google Education accounts quickly and easily in order to distribute them both teachers and pupils, but it is fair to say that this is not a solution that an individual teacher can pick up and run with. At JTRS, we can help to facilitate this solution quickly and support schools to share all of the details needed for their pupils to access all of it via their Apple devices.

However, if you already have Google Accounts or if you are willing to create them now, Google Classroom is one of the best digital workflows. 

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Google Classroom itself is a simple platform that displays learning actives in an easy to follow list. Teachers can make announcements and leave assignments on the Google Classroom wall for all their pupils to pick up on. The assignments and learning objectives can be set up or responded to utilising a huge amount of Google apps. Pupils and teachers can work on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Jamboards, Sites, Forms, Blogs etc. These apps are built for education and all have collaboration capabilities. Not only can the teacher and a pupil collaborate on a Doc (for example) together, but pupils can collaborate live as well. All of the work is then automatically collated in to ‘Google Drive’ making it easy for the teacher to open up the assignments and mark them at any point in the learning process.

Google Classroom essentially works as the springboard. The pupils start on the wall, read what they have to do and then jump on to any or all of the apps mentioned. 

One huge advantage of Google Classroom is its ability to embed ‘Google Hangouts’ as well. Google Hangouts is a live video chat solution. Therefore, a teacher can make communication with their pupils face-to-face before, during or after a learning activity. Learn more about Google Hangouts  here .         

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