Best for KS2 and Secondary Students
Free tool for all to use but it is at its best when a school has an established Microsoft infrastructure
Some file-sharing knowledge and technological skills needed

It goes without saying that many schools use a range of Microsoft tools. If a school has an established Microsoft infrastructure and utilises Office 365 accounts, then One Note is a good choice. Teachers can create classes and upload a wide range of files into a shared space for their learners to respond to. With build-in drawing tools and word processors, work can be created and shared entirely within the app itself. The drawing tool also enables teachers to annotate and mark work that is sent in by their pupils. There are brilliant features such as ‘Collaboration Space’ where learners can share ideas and post their thoughts on any given subject and the Class Notebook where teachers can keep notes on learning to progress that are not visible to anyone other than themselves. On top of all that, contrary to popular belief, this platform and the entire collection of Microsoft apps are available on all devices.

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A teacher needs to have a Microsoft account to access OneNote and create content on the application. When the content is created and ready for the learners to access, the teacher simply shares a secured link. This means that schools using OneNote need safe way of sharing the URL. Email is probably the best solution for the initial link sharing.

OneNote really is at its best if the teachers and learners using it have got a firm understanding of Microsoft apps. The platform itself is not the easiest to grasp, but its layout and functionality mirror a lot of other Microsoft platforms. On top of that, OneNote links seamlessly with other Microsoft software. Word documents and Powerpoint presentations are easily embedded in the OneNote shared space. All of the work that is collected can be saved into Sharepoint. Teams invites can be posted easily and Forms can be embedded for assessment opportunities.      

Overall it is a great solution with a wide range of capabilities. However, if a school hasn’t explored Microsoft apps before, it will be difficult to start using them now.    

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