Best for KS2 & Secondary 
Available for free on the App Store
Very easy to use and intuitive

Learn how to create a class in Remind App:

Remind is a simplistic solution for online learning. It is designed primarily as a messaging app whereby teachers can communicate with their classes on a secure digital platform. It is almost like a WhatsApp group but for educators. In real-time, teachers and pupils can send text-based or audio messages. On top of that, a range of file types can be attached to the conversations. Therefore, it’s easy for teachers to set a task; upload learning materials and support their pupils as they tackle the work. Likewise, the learners can upload their finished project or simply take a picture of their work to share with their teacher.   

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Like so many of the online learning platforms, teachers can create classes and share a code with their learners for them to access the shared messaging space. The teacher can then subdivide the conversations in to different subjects. Therefore, it can be set up so that there is an entire stream of messaging dedicated to maths, another for literacy, another one for computing and so on. It’s easy for the teacher to message every student all at once or communicate with one learner.

Whilst the app doesn’t offer some of the more wide ranging inbuilt tools of other online learning platforms, it does present an easy way of quickly establishing an effective connection between educators and learners. For schools that have never explored online learning platforms, this might be the best option for initially setting up a digital workflow.   


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