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Easy to use for both Teacher and Pupil

Teachers can easily create classes with a few simple steps on See Saw. When the class is set up, you can make assignments for pupils. Creating assignments offers a prescriptive learning experience. These step by step lessons can be responded to by the pupils in a pre-determined way (such as a digital worksheet) or the pupils can choose from a list of multi-media functions to present their learning how they wish to. In other words, teachers can dictate how they would like to receive their class’ learning or allow them some freedom to demonstrate their understanding using the various tools.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

When pupils respond to the work and begin to send in their finished assignments, SeeSaw automatically collates the work in an easy to digest window displaying all of the class’ progress. From there, teachers can provide feedback to the children and re-assign the work if they need to. 

The digital work is also automatically placed in each child’s learning journal.  For more open-ended and free-flowing tasks, children can add work to the ‘class journal’. Think of the class journal as a ‘Facebook Wall’ of learning posts. On the journal, children can use any of the aforementioned multi-media tools to create and post-work. Throughout any of these processes, teachers can post ‘Student Announcements’. 

This is an opportunity to alert your class of something new or to start a discussion with your pupils. At any point, the teacher can print off a learning journal, showing any individual learners progress. It really is a great all-rounder that turns teaching and learning into a digital workflow that is as close to classroom practice as possible. It's fun, easy to use and engaging. See Saw is a brilliant option for any school that needs to set something up quickly as its intuitive nature will ease the process.

You can read more information on See Saw here.

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