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Trilby TV is an amazing platform that can securely display and collect digital learning content. First and foremost, Trilby TV is a digital signage app. It allows teachers and learners to upload digital work (like presentations, videos, documents, digital posters, digital artwork etc) on to a solution that can then collate that content and display that content in a slideshow format. The sharing simplicity Trilby TV makes it a great option for a less prescriptive Online Learning Platform. 

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 Teachers can set digital tasks display learning objectives on to the Trilby TV dashboard and share the resources with all of their learners in the from of revolving slideshow. The learners can watch the learning resources as many times as they need to before beginning their work.
When they have finished their digital task, they can then upload their work for the teacher's approval. 

The teacher can then choose to display the work as part of their Trilby TV output. Whilst there is no built-in marking capabilities or collaboration spaces, this workflow offers a streamlined and simplistic way of sharing learning tasks and receiving the results. 

Of course, at its best Trilby TV is a Digital Signage solution. One of the many disadvantages of not being able to go to school is the fact that good work and learning resources can’t be seen pasted all over the walls. Championing work is an important element of day-to-day school life. Displaying good learning progression establishes an exception. It also gives learners of all ages something to strive for. It can be taken for granted that schools are full of informative posters that display tricks and tips on any given subject. Many children rely on the time's table grid or the list of adjectives in their classroom. Trilby TV enables schools to continue sharing learning resources and championing good work remotely.           

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