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Sometimes, the simplest option is the best one. Whilst WhatsApp has taken the world by storm in the messaging department, it hasn’t really ever been thought of as a solid platform for education. However,    the  app  has  a    number  of  features  that  can  be  used  to  facilitate  robust  distance learning  strategy.    First  and  foremost,    teachers  can  easily  keep  in  touch  with  groups  of  students via group messaging. Within that messaging space, teachers and students can upload all sorts of file formats, and because you can download WhatsApp as a desktop application, documents on a computer can also be easily shared. On top of that, teachers can host audio or video calls with up to three students at a time, all within the same app. This means that a teacher can actively step in if it looks like some students are missing the mark. 

Of course, there are plenty of potential hurdles when it comes to utilising WhatsApp as an online learning platform. Firstly, it relies on every teacher and student owning a phone. Even the desktop version of the app links to a smartphone. Creating a group message requires the teacher will to share  their  phone  personal  number  with their   students.    In  the  group  messaging space ,   students can then gain access to the phone numbers of all their peers. That is why this is an option best suited for university settings and higher education.

Many groups of teachers or lecturers are probably already using WhatsApp to keep in touch and share resources at this point in time. Extending the group to involve students might just be the simplest and most effective way for some educators to connect with their learners.


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