Google Forms

Best for Secondary students and Higher Education
Free to use with Google Account log in
Requires very little technical know-how

Within the Google collection of apps, Forms can be used to create engaging quizzes or a more formulaic approach to educational questioning. First and foremost, as its name suggests, Google Forms is a form generator. Teachers can choose from a range of different questioning formats such as multiple-choice, checkboxes, short answers, dropdown boxes linear scales and so on to fit the needs of each specific question. They can then share their form via a link and the learners can make their way through, filling in the information at their own pace before submitting all the answers at the end.

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However, Google Forms does have the capability to turn the form into a quiz format. Choosing to do so enables a teacher to dictate what is a right or wrong answer; attach feedback to each question and assign a point values to each question/answer. This can result in very comprehensive assessment data that is downloadable as a CSV file or can be opened in Google Sheets.

The real advantage of Google Forms is its connectivity with other Google apps. It’s easy to embed Youtube videos into the Form or use Google Drive to upload images. As I’ve mentioned the assessment data can be instantly accessed via Google Sheets. Sharing a Google Form through Google Classroom of Hangouts is a seamless workflow. All of the apps work together to create a comprehensive learning experience. 
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That being said, learners do not need a Google account to access a Form. Only the teacher needs an account to generate and share the form.