Best for KS2, Secondary and Higher Education
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Some word processing understanding needed

Conducting open-ended assessment activities is very challenging in the current climate. Classroom-based assessment projects are underpinned with a high level of teacher interaction and observation. To keep on top of progress, a teacher must be able to see the learning process unfold in real-time. It’s a more nuanced approach to assessment that is extremely difficult without the teacher being in the same room as the learner. However, it’s not impossible. Through iWork collaboration, a teacher can set their class members open-ended objectives and keep a watchful eye over progress throughout.

The iWork suite of apps are Pages (word processor), Keynote (presentation creator) and Numbers (spreadsheet generator). All three Apple apps are imbued with intuitive functionality and professional creative flare. This not only means that the apps are engaging and fun to use, but it also means that they can be applied to a huge number of open-ended learning objectives.  

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Crucially, however, they all have the functionality to facilitate ‘collaborative’ documents. In other words, a teacher can ‘collaborate’ with their learners on any creation made on Pages, Keynote or Numbers. In doing so, they can see each pupil type up, format, edit, design, create and form their work in real-time. If they need to, they can interject with a built-in comments feature or actively edit the work along with the child.

Overall, the iWork ‘collaboration’ capabilities allow the learner to choose an app and enable the teacher to assess their work as they progress through the learning objective.