Best for KS1, KS2 and Secondary
Free and easy to use
Requires no specialist technical skills

Watch our tutorial to explore assessment tools with Nearpod:


For a more multimedia and multifaceted learning experience, Nearpod is a brilliant quizzing and assessment tool. Nearpod has a lot to offer. Not only can a teacher create engaging quizzes that automatically collects the assessment data, but they can also embed ‘Open-Ended Questions’, ‘Drawing Boards’ and so much more.

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The first thing to understand about Nearpod is that it works in a presentation style format. Teachers create different activities and learning resources that appear as slides for learners to work through. 

Each slide can be different from a huge number of different interactive tools. For example, a teacher could create a Nearpod presentation with a mixture of traditional slides displaying text and imagines as well as embedding slides that contain quizzes, memory games, collaboration boards, polls, fill in the blanks activities and more.

There are too many different features to mention and the Nearpod team are always updating the list. With that in mind, it is possible to both teach concepts and assess a learners understanding of those concepts all within one Nearpod presentation.

It's easy for a teacher to create a presentation through drag and drop features and intuitive functions within the app. When it is ready to share with pupils, the teacher can post a link that will drop their learners directly on to the presentation.    

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This 'Student-PAced' link enables learners to access it whenever they are ready to do so. The app automatically collects  all of the assessment data attached to any interactive element of the presentation and time stamps when any individual completed the work.

The great thing about Nearpod is that it offers a number of different ways to assess understanding and, in doing so, it is able to present learning materials in a very engaging way.