Best for KS2
Free to use and easily accessible via the App Store
Requires very little technical know-how

Quizizz is a fun and engaging tool for presenting quizzes to children working at home. The app has always had a built-in ‘Homework Code’ capability and so teachers can easily share multiple choice quizzes with their pupils wherever they are.

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Whilst Quizizz doesn’t offer many different question formats, it does present the questions on an upbeat and fun platform. Like so many quizzing apps, it collects assessment data when pupils take part in a set of questions. For the learner, it also very clearly displays how well they have done on any given quiz. Not only does it inform the pupil of their accuracy and how many questions they got right or wrong, but it also shows them how quickly they answered. This little feature can often encourage children to go through the quiz again and again in order to better their time.

Teachers can create quizzes from scratch on the teacher dashboard but crucially, they can also embed other Quizizz user questions. Essentially, this means that a teacher can mix and match between their own questions and others or completely magpie another teacher’s work. This factor, along with it being an engaging app, means that Quizizz continues to be a popular solution for online quizzing and assessment.