Good for all ages
Free and easy to set up
Requires no specialist technological skills

Watch our tutorial to learn how to access study sets on Quizlet:


We all know how fickle a child’s learning preference can be. The Quizlet app can offer a number of different ways for a pupil to tackle the same task. 

Essentially Quizlet is an app for creating flashcards. Teachers can create their own flash cards or choose from thousands of pre-made resources. All of the flashcards (self made or generated by others) are aided by audio but more importantly, pupils can approach the information on the cards in a number of engaging ways that can be used to any teachers advantage.   

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Tapping on the ‘Learn’ option presents the flashcards as a multiple choice quiz. If multiple-choice isn’t for a purpose, ‘Write’ requires the pupils to write out the answer to the question. ‘Spell’ reads the question out in audio form and the pupil has to type out the answer (perfect for spelling tests or practice). ‘Test’ mixes up the different ways that a child engages with the flashcards and presents the information like an exam paper.

Past that you have two option for more play-based learning. ‘Match’ which requires the pupils to match a keyword with its definition along to a time limit. ‘Gravity’ presents keywords falling as asteroids and the pupil must type in the definition before the asteroid hits the bottom of the screen.

These resources are easy to find, make and share. When you have a set of flashcards that you are happy with, you can share them via one link. The children can then choose how they wish to tackle the learning by choosing from the list of options above.