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For many curriculum subjects, practical assessments are the best way of comprehending progress. Subjects like music, drama and PE are driven by practical activities. On top of that, there are many practices that require practical assessments such as, reading comprehension, speaking different languages and science projects. The iPad is the best tool available to help learners capture their own progress and share self-assessments with their teacher.

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Built in features like the camera on an iPad can make all the difference. Learners can easily record practical aspects of their learning in video form to send on to their teachers. They can even assess their own live progress during physical activities by choosing the forward-facing camera (essentially turning the screen into a digital mirror). For auditory activities, the Voice Memo app can capture and time-stamp recordings.

Using the app can enable pupils to read aloud to their teacher or record their progress in french speaking. In order to assess more nuanced activities, the iPad has built in ‘screen recording’ capabilities. The iPad screen can be recorded as the learner navigates from one app to the next. On top of this, the microphone can be switched on, so that they can explain their work as they move around the device.   

Essentially, the iPad offers a range of different ways for a learner to record their own learning processes. Whether it be as simple as filming a performance or as complicated as recording a multi-media endeavour, the iPad can capture the process.

Sharing capabilities then enable the learner to easily send their work directly to their teacher. Self-assessments are standard practice within Education. The iPad can help schools to continue that practice from a distance.             
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