Good for all ages
Free and easy to set up
Requires very little technological skills

Socrative can offer your learners a comprehensive quizzing experience. The learners connect to the teacher’s questioning on a separate  Socrative Student’ app  , whilst the teacher sticks to the Socrative Teacher app. This results in a streamlined process for creating quizzes and connecting students to them. On this free-to-use and easy-to-set-up platform, you can pose questions in a number of different ways. Teachers can create multiple-choice, true or false and open-ended questions. These options mean that teachers are able to probe a little bit deeper into their class’ understanding. 

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The 'open-ended question’ option on Socrative is particularly useful. Firstly, a more detailed and nuanced response can be achieved by posing a question this way. Pupils can write a paragraph and be more descriptive.  Without the ‘luck element’ of multiple-choice, an open-ended question reveals an entirely individual response.  


That being said, you can also employ this questioning option for less open responses like spellings or mathematical results. Within the ‘open-ended’ question functionality you can dictate what the right answer is. Therefore, if you wanted to as a question that has a definite answer, you can do that.


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To share your completed quizzes with pupils you simply share a ‘Room Number’ which the pupils type into the Socrative Student webpage or app. As long as you have set your quiz as ‘Student Paced’ children can join your ‘Room’ and have a go at the questions whenever they are ready to. When they finish, Socrative will turn the data into a csv file. The results are easy to digest and give you yet more insight into your class’ understanding.

It’s easy to use, easy to set up and easy to share with your pupils entirely online. Plus it is linked with   Showbie , which means that you can embed the Socrative quizzes within a much longer scheme of work easily too.