Good for all ages
Free and easy to set up
Requires no specialist technological skills

Watch how to share Kahoot quizzes:


By far one of the most popular quizzing apps is Kahoot. This easy to use platform is as engaging as it is useful. The app provides teachers with a simplistic dashboard to create multiple choice quizzes on any subject for free. It also makes it clear how students connect to the quizzes, The questions and answers can appear as text or they can be presented entirely pictorially. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, younger children can take part in image-based quizzes. Secondly, you can take pictures of questions within textbooks and embed them into your line of questions. An iPad is the perfect tool to build quizzes on as it enables teachers to easily take pictures and add them into the mix of questions.      

Odoo • Text and Image

When your quiz is ready to share, you can deliver the task as a self-paced ‘Challenge’ via a link that pushes the children directly on to the questions. This link can be shared through any emailing chain you have set up or through parent texting services or you could share the links via a  Digital Workflow App . Before pushing the quiz out to all your pupils you can dictate when the quiz needs to be completed. This is especially useful if you want to keep the learning as structured as possible.  When all the pupils have participated in the quiz Kahoot automatically collates all of the data into a report.  

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The report is downloadable as a csv file and it goes into detail about each element of the questions. At glance, you can see how well your class have understood any given topic, but you can also save the report as ongoing assessment data. It’s a great tool that is easy to share. 

If you’re already a dab hand at Kahoot, then making your quizzes accessible for home learning is just one more step. If you’re brand new to it, it will not take long to master.