Saint George's Church of England School

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The Story

Saint George is a Church of England School in Kent with an ethos centred around the development of responsible, articulate and confident pupils, fully prepared for adult life. In 2014, they partnered with JTRS to deploy a Mac solution within the creative subjects of Media Studies and Music, including technical installation and ongoing support.

The Impact

Pupils are producing higher quality outcomes and developing a much greater sense of pride in their work thanks to the intuitive interace of the Mac and apps such as Garageband and iMovie. Teachers are using the Mac on a regular basis within lessons and have a much greater level of confidence in using the technology.


JTRS were able to provide the whole solution, including the technology supply, technical expertise, support and bespoke training for teachers and pupils. The school felt that JTRS took the time to understand their vision for technology and built the most suitable solution to achieve the desired teaching and learning outcomes.  

Learning with Mac

Luke Dobson, the Head of ICT, explains how Mac is supporting teaching and learning development.

Did you have a vision for embedding the technology into the curriculum?

 We wanted to deploy the Mac computers to further develop the teaching and learning within Music and Media Studies. Softwares such as Final Cut Pro and Logic provide us with industry-standard platforms for pupils and teachers to work on. We wanted to enable pupils to become more creative and have greater opportunity to develop their self confidence and skills.

Why did you choose to invest in Mac?

To provide pupils with an industry-standard platform on which they could develop creativity, ocnfidence and skills that will be required in their future careers. The Mac also provides some powerful, built-in, accessibility features which enable all pupils to access learning at a similar level. The range of powerful applications available free for Mac are also of benefit to us. For example, iBooks Author will enable teachers and pupils to produce media-rich resources to support teaching and learning within Media and Music.

Were JTRS the right partner for you?

JTRS were able to provide us with the whole solution, incorporating not just the supply of the equipment but also the technical expertise and curriculum development knowledge. We felt that they understood what we wanted to achieve with the introduction of the Mac computers and were best placed to support us in the ongoing development of our vision.

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The Technolo gy

The JTRS technical engineers have knowledge and experience when it comes to integrating Mac into existing Windows networks. They were able to seamlessly link the Mac computers into our network so pupils are abler to log into the Mac computers using the same credentials they use on the PCs. We are always impressed with how quickly they respond to our requests and their consistenly high levels of professionalism.

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The Training

The JTRS trainers are experienced teachers and educators and as a result, they were able to relate to our staff and the environment they work in. The training we have received on Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro has been fantastic and staff have been utilising the software regularly and confidently within their lessons. The JTRS engineers have also provided our IT Technicians with training on the effective management of our new Mac solution. Our internal resource is able to deal with any basic issues quickly.

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The Impact

Following the training with JTRS, our Music and Media teachers were able to utilise the software confidently and more regularly within their lessons. The quality of teaching has improved within each course due to increased staff skill sets and confidence in the hardware and software. The Macs also provided our students with access to software they would utilise in their future careers. They are developing new skills. Logic Pro is supporting pupils to vastly improve the quality of their audio production for coursework and they seem to be proud of their work.