Zioxi LEGO Flip-top Project Table - Primary Height
**6 week lead time**

Developed with LEGO® Education, these project tables are designed specifically for First Lego League activities and competitions. With a raised edge to stop parts falling off, and a flip top and lockable castors for mobility.

LEGO-TABLE-P LEGO Project Table, Primary 240W x 118D x 72H
£ 1,025.00 £ 1,025.00 1025.0 GBP
Zioxi LEGO Storage Cart - 30 Medium Trays
**6 week lead time**

"Storage cart on castors to accommodate 30 medium trays
Finish - white MFMDF (trays not included)"
£ 439.00 £ 439.00 439.0 GBP
Zioxi LEGO Storage Cart - 16 Large Trays
**6 week lead time**

"Storage cart on castors to accommodate 16 large trays
Finish - white MFMDF (trays not included)"
£ 399.00 £ 399.00 399.0 GBP
LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set (10v Transformer sold separately)

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set (45544)

1 x EV3 Brick - a compact and powerful programmable computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback using the intuitive icon-based programming and data logging software.

3 Servo Motors
Five sensors (gyro, ultrasonic, colour and 2x touch)
Rechargeable battery, connecting cables, and building instructions
Delivered in a sturdy storage bin with a sorting tray

Battery charger (45517 Transformer 10V DC) sold separately.

All software, teaching materials and curriculum resources are freely available from LEGOEducation.com/downloads
£ 354.00 £ 354.00 354.0 GBP
Zioxi LEGO Storage Cart - 8 Large Trays
**6 week lead time**

"Storage cart on castors to accommodate 8 large trays
Finish - white MFMDF (trays not included)"
£ 329.00 £ 329.00 329.0 GBP
LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Core Set

SPIKE™ Prime is an exclusive, hands-on LEGO Education solution that combines colourful LEGO Technic™ and System elements, friendly and fun hardware, an easy and ready to use coding language based on Scratch, and multi-curricular aligned lessons to engage students in thinking critically and solving complex STEAM problems.

SPIKE™ Prime is the-go-to STEAM learning tool as it engages students through playful learning, teaching them to think critically and solve complex problems – regardless of their learning level - and build CONFIDENCE, both inside and outside of the classroom.

From easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, SPIKE™ Prime helps students learn the essential STEAM and 21st century skills needed to become the innovative minds of tomorrow. All while having fun!
£ 296.00 £ 296.00 296.0 GBP
LEGO Education Coding Express
Inspire early learners to explore early coding concepts such as sequencing, looping and conditional coding, while developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration and social and emotional skills.

What's included:
- 234 Pieces
- Teaching Guide with 8 Lesson Plans
- Free optional iOS and Android App
£ 183.00 £ 183.00 183.0 GBP
LEGO EV3 Space Challenge Set
This set contains challenge and learning missions based around the theme of space. Three research projects, co-developed with space experts, provide rich opportunities for pupils to explore and create innovative solutions to current space exploration topics.

The set includes:
Three learning mats
A challenge mat
Dual lock tape
LEGO® elements required to build the challenge

The accompanying digital content provides pupil-ready materials, teacher notes, and building instructions - available from LEGOeducation.com/downloads
£ 181.00 £ 181.00 181.0 GBP
LEGO Education Simple Powered Machines Set
This set contains a brick assortment for exploring design engineering with more advanced mechanisms, structures, and forces.

Use this set with the accompanying curriculum pack to promote students' fundamental STEM understanding of simple and powered machines, structures, and mechanisms.

The curriculum pack provides lessons, extension activities, and problem-solving tasks, as well as teacher guides and student worksheets.
£ 154.00 £ 154.00 154.0 GBP
LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core (45300)

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set is a hands-on STEM solution that combines the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software, engaging standards-based projects and a discovery-based approach. Designed with collaboration in mind, each Core Set supports two students, introducing them to computational thinking and engineering principles in a fun and engaging way.

The WeDo 2.0 Core Set for 2 pupils consists of:

Building elements
Medium Motor
Motion Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Delivered in a sturdy storage box with sorting trays

All software, curriculum material and teaching resources are freely available from LEGOEducation.com/downloads
£ 150.00 £ 150.00 150.0 GBP
LEGO Education STEAM Park
STEAM Park builds on every child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate the world of early Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through creative play.

• 295 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, including gears, tracks, pulleys, boats, and figures

• 8 double-sided building inspiration cards with 16 models to build

• 5 activity idea cards to inspire playful learning

• A selection of online learn-to-build mini animations.

Suitable for children age 3+ years.
£ 147.00 £ 147.00 147.0 GBP
LEGO Renewable Energy Add-on Set
This LEGO Education Renewable Energy add-on set allows students to learn about and understand renewable energy sources, including solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. As well as the functionality and capability of solar cells, wind turbines and hydro-electric power plants.

The Renewable Energy Add-On Set can be used with the Simple & Powered Machines Set and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3.

The accompanying curriculum pack includes new lesson plans and problem-solving activities, as well as teacher guides and student worksheets.
£ 106.99 £ 106.99 106.99000000000001 GBP
LEGO LME EV3 Expansion Set
The LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Expansion Set includes:

Over 800 pieces to extend the possibilities of the EV3 Core Set
Frames that enable pupils to build robots strongly and quickly
Special elements not found in the EV3 Core Set, including belts, unique connectors, worm gears and structural elements
Extensive spare parts inventory
Sturdy storage box and sorting tray
Intelligent programming functions

Requires the 45544 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set.
£ 96.00 £ 96.00 96.0 GBP
LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set
LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime will challenge your middle school students to apply their scientific inquiry skills to provide evidence of the change in an object’s motion based on its force and mass. In the curriculum unit, Science of Sports, they'll apply Newton’s three laws of motion as they design, develop, and optimize a solution involving the collision of two objects. Throughout the BricQ Motion Prime lessons, they’ll strengthen their communication skills in collaborative discussions, presenting and analyzing their solutions.
£ 89.00 £ 89.00 89.0 GBP
LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential Set
LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential will give your elementary students an understanding of forces and motion as they plan and conduct investigations. In the curriculum unit Train to Win, lower elementary students will work towards determining whether design solutions work as they were intended to change the speed or direction of an object with a push or a pull. In the curriculum unit Winning with Science, upper elementary students will investigate the patterns in an object's motion, developing and sharpening their ability to predict future motion.
£ 89.00 £ 89.00 89.0 GBP
LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set
The SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set includes 603 element and features over 10 hours of STEM learning. Aimed at upper KS2 and KS3 pupils, the SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set allows students to build more advanced models and empowers them to become even more creative and confident.

• LEGO® Technic™ and System elements in a fresh colour palette, including 2 large wheels, banana gears, large motor and a colour sensor.
• Competition Ready unit plan with over 10 hours of STEAM learning linked to curriculum standards. Includes comprehensive online lesson plans and teacher support.
• This set requires the SPIKE™ Prime Set (45678).
• Learn the basics of creating and programming autonomous robots using sensors.
• Develop collaboration and team-working skills to build a competition robot.
• Systematically test and refine programs.
• Use problem-solving skills and complete competition missions.
• Apply critical thinking and develop life skills for the careers of tomorrow.
£ 89.00 £ 89.00 89.0 GBP
LEGO Pneumatics Add-on Set
This add-on set is intended to be combined with the Simple & Powered Machines Set. It includes pumps, tubes, cylinders, valves, air tank, a manometer, and full-colour building instructions for four real-life pneumatic models.

The accompanying curriculum pack provides new lesson plans and problem-solving activities, as well as teacher guides and student worksheets.
£ 59.99 £ 59.99 59.99 GBP
LEGO Education Simple Machines Set
This set contains a brick assortment that includes gears, wheels and axles, levers, and pulleys. Use this set with the accompanying curriculum pack to engage students in investigating and understanding the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life. The support materials provided in this curriculum pack include teacher guidance and student worksheets.
£ 52.00 £ 52.00 52.0 GBP
LEGO Smarthub 2 I/O Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the WeDo 2.0 Smarthub. Includes a built-in LED to indicate charge status.
£ 51.00 £ 51.00 51.0 GBP
Lego EV3 Infrared Sensor
The digital EV3 Infrared Seeking Sensor detects proximity to the robot and reads signals emitted by the EV3 Infrared Beacon. Students can create remotely-controlled robots, navigate obstacle courses and learn how infrared technology is used in TV remotes, surveillance systems and even in target acquisition equipment.

• Proximity measurement of approximately 50-70 cm
• Working distance from the beacon of up to two meters
• Supports four signal channels
• Receives IR remote commands
• Auto-ID is built into the EV3 software
£ 30.00 £ 30.00 30.0 GBP