St Mary's Hare Park School

The small school with a big heart. 

St Mary's Hare Park School outlined that both affordability and sustainability are important when considering a device subscription. Our unique 'Class Act' subscription offered a combination of both aspects, investing in carbon offsetting on behalf of the school. 

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''JTRS' 'Class Act' subscription has offered the school the perfect device subscription, combining both affordability and sustainability. It has been helpful to discover more about our school's carbon footprint and invest in today's technology for tomorrow's world.''

- Ludvic Bernard, Head of St Mary's Hare Park School

Sustainability utilising 'Class Act'

St Mary's Hare Park School have recently embarked on their sustainability journey. The school are in the process of reviewing the steps they can take to become an environmentally friendly and climate positive institution, with a real commitment to creating a sustainable and innovative place of learning for staff and students alike.

Our 'Class Act' subscription allowed the school to consider and influence their carbon emissions as we offset the carbon footprint of the devices and plant trees in our forest on behalf of St Mary's Hare School. We continue to work with the school to identify positive steps to continue to lower the school's carbon footprint and the school is now part of our Eco Action Community platform, to collectively share information and best practices. 

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