Best for KS2 and Secondary Students
Easily Accessible via the Apple Books Store

Easy to follow step by step guide

Create some amazingly creative content that directly links with National Curriculum Content to keep on track with your learning.

Watch our video below to explore how to use Everyone Can Create  


Everyone Can Create  is a collection of project guides available via the Apple Books store. The books are intended for any iPad user and cover a range of projects exploring Video, Photo, Drawing and Music. Each creative subject area has its own Apple Book with a range of activities detailed in each one. Not only does it set up the expectation of every fun activity it also provides the learner with a list of apps to download.

Within the Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide (another separate Apple Book that is downloadable for free) you can gain insight into how the activities match up with national curriculum expectations as well as finding further information on how the projects should be approached. 

If you need help with devices, teacher training, or lesson plans, stay in touch and our Education team will assist you.

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