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Intuitive and very fun to use

Watch this easy tutorial & learn how to create educational content on Shadow Puppet Edu:


Science projects are often about capturing processes. For example, learners might have to capture the effect of different surfaces on a toy car’s movements or capture the day-by-day decay of some fruit. What ever the process capturing project is, Shadow Puppet Edu is a great tool to aid any scientific endeavour. Essentially, the app is a streamline and simplistic movie maker. Learners can string images together and talk over the top of them easily to create a professional and slick video. They can also line up videos and easily stitch them together to make one continues movie. It’s a brilliant app for consolidating media and merging it all together. Within Shadow Puppet Edu, learners can choose their own photos and videos or search for images on the internet. Accessing images from the net means that Shadow Puppet can also be a great tool for History and Geography. In fact, it’s easy to find relevant images and create a video on any subject you can think of.

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