Success with Apple Programme 

for Multi Academy Trusts

Whether your trust is at the beginning of its technology journey, you have already deployed devices or you have an established technology strategy, our Success with Apple Programme has the key elements to support you with driving your vision forward. 

Our Success with Apple Programme can help plan, implement and support your Apple technology strategy. 

The Enquire Learning Trust Video Case Study

The Enquire Learning Trust is a large Multi Academy Trust working across the North of England. The trust includes 32 primary academies which share a dedication and commitment to high-quality, inclusive education. Discover their journey with iPad so far and how the Trust manages iPad using Jamf School.



Affordability is always high on the agenda for Multi Academy Trusts, therefore we offer a range of financing solutions. Our bespoke Class Act subscriptions offer a financially and environmentally sustainable option for MATs. Our Class Act is available in monthly or single upfront payments with options such as early upgrade and Trade In, to ensure the most suitable option for your trust. 

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Professional Services

We recognise the challenges of running a technology programme across multiple sites, therefore we offer a full range of technical services to support. We can complete a full technical audit of each site to ensure all infrastructure is up to trust standards. 

Jamf is a Mobile Device Management that allows you to manage devices and profiles across multiple locations from one central location.

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Apple Professional Learning is vital for a Multi Academy Trust to ensure each Academy is utilising devices to a high standard and keeping in line with the vision for the trust. We would propose a 3 phase approach Apple Professional Learning Programme which would consist of:-

Phase 1 - Standardisation and Parity - Foundation Skills

Ensure all staff across the Trust have a base level of knowledge

Phase 2 - Integrating Learning

On-site teacher training and classroom support to develop lesson content, planning and delivery, with a key focus on the Trust learning strands of feedback, retrieval, creativity and accessibility.

Phase 3 - Advancing skills and showcasing outcomes

Develop the use of iPads within individual schools and a sustainable self-sufficient model for continued development and practice, developing Trust Digital Champions.

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With our climate-positive Class Act subscription, we offset the carbon generated through the lifecycle of these devices by investing in wind power generation and rainforest preservation. We can provide your trust with a Carbon Credit Certification to highlight the carbon offset and work closely with our partner Ecologi to create a trust-specific page showcasing your environmental work. 

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