A simple to use digital signage platform. 

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform for education. The team have over 30 years of education experience which drives them in their mission to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion and enhance parental engagement. The TrilbyTV platform is an easy, cost-effective way for you to grow your digital signage estate and #SwitchOnYourSignage. It really does make it simple to add and manage content so even the busiest school can have up to date screens.

Why TrilbyTV?

Building a digital signage platform for education is, and always will be, our focus. We continually work with our community to design and implement the features they require.

  • Unlimited screens

  • Your content on your screens

  • Player management & scheduling

  • Works with familiar hardware

  • Content Catalogue of resources

  • Whole school announcements

  • Work across multiple sites

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