Mac for Education

Brilliant for what's next.

Mac gives you more power to shape curriculums. And minds.

No matter which Mac you choose, you're getting a computer that features the latest technology and lets you do amazing things right out of the box. Built on our most advanced desktop operating system, Mac is as easy to use as it is powerful. And it comes loaded with Apple creativity apps that help you collaborate and produce amazing projects.

Creativity with Mac

Bring Creativity into your Classroom with one of our bespoke packages for Mac and prepare your students to shape tomorrow's world.

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Built-in Accessibility Features

Mac comes with innovative technologies and assistive features that have changed the learning landscape, allowing students with special needs to learn and engage like never before.

5 Ways a Mac Can Make Teaching Life Easier

How can a Mac help you teach? Creating worksheets, submitting assessment data, collecting learning evidence, writing reports, designing and publishing learning resources, collaborating easily... Read our guide and watch our tutorials to learn how your teaching life can be easier with this powerful device.
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Mac and iPad, a perfect pairing for Education

If you are a school that already enjoys the company of iPads, bringing some Macs into your life is a good idea. Read how the connectivity between devices can be hugely beneficial for educational establishments and make workflow faster. 


Built for durability and full of the latest technological innovations, a Mac is amazing from the moment you take it out of the box - and wherever you take it after that.

Thousands of educational apps available on the Mac App Store cover everything from arts and language to maths and science.

Finding a place to power up isn't always easy. That's why Mac notebooks feature breakthrough batteries that can get you through your classes on a single charge.

Both powerful and easy to use, OS X includes all kinds of features that make learning and collaborating more engaging and dynamic.

A Mac easily finds Wi-Fi hotspots and connects to your network. It also works with almost every printer, camera and Bluetooth-enabled device out there. 

The Mac makes everyday things - like doing research on the web, sending email, and managing your assigments and class schedules - amazing.

Free with every Mac, these powerful apps bring out your creative side, so you can do amazing things with movies, music, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

With FaceTime, you can talk to your friends and family face-to-face anytime - whether they're on a Mac, iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

Every Mac comes equipped with dozens of assistive technologies, making it easy for students with disabilities to experience all that the Mac has to offer.

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