Sustainability with Apple

The products you love also love the planet.

As an AAES, we know how invested Apple are in ensuring your technology strategy will be sustainable, safe for the environment and hold value throughout their lifespan. JTRS believe we all have our own obligation to do our part for the environment, and as a company, we are committed to reducing the Carbon Footprint of our business - along with bringing our customers along on the journey. 

Eco Action

Eco Action is JTRS' environmental plan, to achieve Net Zero throughout the life cycle of our products, tech solutions and business activities by 2035.

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Apple have been climate positive since 2020 and by 2030, all their products will be too. Explore Apple's environmental initiatives below.

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Climate Positive Device Subscription 

Introducing 'Class Act',  a climate-positive bespoke subscription. Included in every subscription,  JTRS will offset the total carbon generated throughout the lifecycle of the device.

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Carbon Credit Certificates

For every climate-postive technology solutions, we will provide a Carbon Credit Certificate highlighting the total carbon offset and amount of trees planted on your behalf through our Eco Action partner, Ecologi. 

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