we believe in a sustainable future

We all bear the responsibility to future generations, so they can live in a less wasteful world, use renewable energy and be successfully sustainable. 

Our sustainability approach provides the structure and focuses our activities. At the core of our approach is the belief that our technology solutions improve people’s lives. 

Our focus is built on three core values within JTRS, where we believe we can have the most significant impact meaning we are committed to: 


Firstly, build sustainability across our day-to-day business, including supply chain, engagement and expectations of new suppliers, and internal employee training, all helping to make a positive difference to the world.

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Secondly, being trusted advisors to our partners and customers. We are actively taking a leading role in helping and educating our partners, businesses, schools, and communities to achieve their visions.  

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Lastly, ensuring we are constantly striving to improve and evaluate our future goals; JTRS have partnered with PlanetMark to be independently audited and Certified to help understand our carbon footprint and achieve our future aspirations.   

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Eco Action is JTRS' environmental plan, to achieve Net Zero throughout the life cycle of our products, tech solutions and business activities by 2035.

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